admiral john

eco-friendly bathroom products for men


Admiral John sees the bathroom as a room that can smell better while positively impacting the planet. Admiral John sells eco-friendly bathroom sprays (and other personal products) geared towards men's natural talent to stink up any small enclosed space. 

Toilet-oriented humor, upscale designs, and masculine nautical touches create the perfect aesthetic. The custom illustrations add some whimsy and build upon the humor found in the names of products (ex. Wife Support Bathroom Spray). As well as create a playful atmosphere that the sophisticated color palette can take root in. 

The Admiral John character went through multiple rounds of revisions to finally hit the perfect tone between commanding and humorous. 

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Custom brand design + illustrations


Aaron, founder

what we did

Custom branding, brand strategy, custom illustrations, custom packaging, and brand collateral designs. In collaboration with Empowered Ecommerce.