Angela's Hope

holistic childhood development education


Angela's Hope is a safe place for parents and caretakers to learn more about their child's emotional needs, common new-parent pitfalls, and improved behavior management to provide parents with decision-making confidence, all of which grows and improves the family's bond.

Krista's corner of the market is full of research-based education founded on positivity, possibility, and inclusivity. She gives quality actionable steps to setup a plan that allows families to grow and mature together. 
We created a bubbly and whimsical visual identity with a summery color palette that feels warm and inviting. We designed her primary logo to feel professional and trustworthy while also feeling welcoming. 

With her new brand Krista was able to launch her business with confidence, a cohesive visual identity, and a fully flushed out brand vision that included detailed offerings, future goals and services, opt-ins and so much more.

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Branding + Web Design


Krista, early childhood educator

what we did

Fully custom brand design, iconography, and brand visioning.

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