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freebie cellar

Fens Market

neighborhood bakery turned food truck


Fens Market is a piece for our portfolio for a market with deep roots in the Fenway neighborhood of Boston. Fens started as a small bakery and has since expanded into a restaurant and taken it's food on the road via a food truck. 
We wanted this brand to feel very modern while targeting young professionals who live in the neighborhood and would be looking for breakfast in the morning as well as a sleek bar scene in the evenings. 
Modern custom lettering adds a unique flare that really stands out against the main logo. The iconic "F" becomes a reoccurring theme running throughout other elements. The color palette is inspired by spring and fresh flavors that the bakery serves. A splash of citrus and a wave of blue creates a modern and youthful presence that draws the eye. 

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Brand Design


The Fens Restaurant, Bakery + Food Truck

what we did

Custom branding, brand strategy, logo design with hand drawn illustrations and custom illustration.