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The only all-inclusive custom design package  rebranding online coaches in 2 months

With fully custom branding, web design, SEO, copy, and a 365 marketing blueprint in just 2 months.

The 360 Brand

A 5-star-resort-level collection of services you already need, all in one discounted package, done in less time than it takes to train *encourage* your husband to do the dishes.

You’re overdue for that vacation lovely! 

Imagine finally having a brand that authentically reflects your vision, supports your out-of-office life goals, and converts your dream clients in just 2 months. 

You can have a thoughtful game plan to follow and a digital presence you’re proud of. That makes you money while you sleep, so you can start living your dream life outside of the office. 

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Build a thriving online business without complex marketing strategies or design overwhelm (even if you aren’t techy or artsy).

You’re tired of second-guessing your digital presence:

is my logo attracting or distracting?

am i doing this whole marketing thing right?

Is my website converting or forgettable?

Why am I slumping instead of scaling?

You’ve spent hours in Canva and Wix learning more than you wanted to know about color codes and web design–when all you really wanted to do is sleep in late, be a present wife, and book that dream vacation after a Target shopping spree. 

Quit waking up to an embarrassing website and logo that erodes your brand’s value, once and for all.

It’s time to stop watching the competition, with their perfectly manicured Insta feed and gorgeous logo, engage with all of your dream clients with jealous eyes. 

Give me two months, and I'll have you booking out your calendar while cutting back your working hours and sleeping in on Mondays. 

A dynamic brand that grows with you, a marketing plan that reflects your vision, and engaging copy that converts inside a website that takes seconds to update with zero code, is within reach. 

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Stand out from the competition, level up your brand, and attract your dream clients without DIYing or working with multiple providers. Everything is done under one talented roof.

You'll walk away with: 

  • 1-Year sustainable marketing blueprint
  • 30-day content calendar and hashtag bank
  • 15-point brand strategy audit
  • Full suite of custom-branded logos and elements
  • Comprehensive brand guidelines and creative direction
  • 6 custom web page designs
  • Website tutorial vault
  • Advanced SEO setup on your new website
  • Custom conversion website copy
  • Launch fetti
  • And a few other goodies 😏 (keep reading)

The 360 Brand is a proven 4 part package built for online coaches JUST like you, looking to unlock a consistent flow of dream clients, finally look jaw-dropping AND credible. All the while, confidently raising your rates in less time than it took me to potty train my puppy, Daisy. 

Running a business is hard work, but branding and marketing your business doesn’t have to be. It’s time you move your business from surviving to thriving. 


15-Point Brand Strategy Audit

A comprehensive appraisal of your business's foundations and goals, audience, positioning, personality, and creative direction, so you can move forward with intention and confidence.

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This sounds like the champagne to my OJ! 🍾What’s included?

brand strategy audit

  • 90-minute 1:1 strategy over coffee video call where we guide you through focused questions that efficiently get to the heart and soul of your business
  • 15-point review of your business from A to Z, all delivered to you via PDF with a video walkthrough
  • Moodboard, sample color palette, and visual guide to act as our north star
  • 1 round of revision to tweak anything that doesn’t feel right

what's included:

We understand that just getting started is sometimes Everest in and of itself. Don’t worry about knowing where to start, or what information to provide.
We follow a “come as you are” philosophy and we don’t require you to fill out an endless questionnaire (that’s like us asking you to do our homework, yikes!). Instead, we guide you through the strategy phase, because we are the experts after all. 

why you'll love it:

Custom Brand Design

Thoughtfully curated designs, crafted from scratch and presented inside a 20+ page PDF and video walkthrough. Finally, exhale with relief after months or years of ideas finally being set free in a way that feels uniquely authentic to you. 
Whether you need to start from zero or just a refresh, we start at a single white point and build upon the 15-point brand strategy audit.

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custom brand design

  • Private Asana board with tasks and deadlines for full transparency
  • Custom logo design (or refresh) with 2 submarks and secondary logo
  • Website Favicon
  • Font suite
  • Color palette
  • Custom pattern, textures, and illustrations
  • 1 business collateral (freebie, social templates, business cards…etc.)
  • 30+ page brand guidelines PDF with the do’s and don’ts of your fresh designs
  • Recorded video presentations with mockups and write-ups 
  • Up to 2 rounds of revisions
  • Launch Fetti aka custom launch graphics to celebrate

what's included:

Imagine what it would feel like to finally swell with pride instead of shy away with embarrassment. You don’t need to have a crystal clear vision for your logos or a deep understanding of the design process. Instead, we pick up where your knowledge ends and collaborate with you to the finish line. 

why you'll love it:

1-Year Sustainable Marketing Blueprint

Experience continuous content that connects with dream clients who are ready to buy, and converts them into long-lasting clients-turned-friends. Are you ready for more? More engagement, scroll-stopping content, red-hot leads, and more time back in your schedule? It starts here. 

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sustainable marketing

  • Marketing audit of your current profiles
  • Target market analysis utilizing analytics and demographics
  • Breakdown of your key messaging for maximum attraction and engagement
  • Visibility gameplan with a snapshot of each platform we recommend for you, content pillars, the nurture plan for ongoing engagement, and the overarching goals of each 
  • Sample Instagram feed to match your new designs with a custom hashtag bank 
  • 30-day content calendar for your primary platforms 
  • 20+ page PDF presented with a video presentation  
  • 1 round of revision to tweak anything that doesn’t feel right

what's included:

A done-for-you marketing plan built with sustainability and long-term growth in mind. No half-ass hacks, duct-tape fixes, or overwhelming planners that fall apart in less than a month. This tailor-made blueprint encompasses your entire vision and then gives you follow-along steps to #makeithappen

why you'll love it:

Custom Conversion Copy

You’ve been told words matter, and we know they are the backbone of any website worth it’s salt. BUT writing copy is extremely time intensive and intricate. To take this off your plate we enlist our brilliant copy expert. She builds upon the 15-point strategy and whips up words that make your leads go, “Oh hell yes! Checkout..” 

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custom conversion copy

  • A copy framework of your website that informs the wireframes and development
  • Tone of voice study
  • Brand messaging guide that includes positioning, tagline, and more
  • In-depth keyword research
  • Masterful copy for each page of your website
  • Up To 2 Revisions

what's included:

There is nothing templated about this copy. It’s personality-packed and will deeply connect with your audience, making them think you’re inside their head. The best part? You can sprinkle this copy into other facets of your business–social media, newsletters, blog posts, guest expert bio’s and more! 

why you'll love it:

Custom Web Design & Advanced SEO Booster

Reality check: a link in your bio, DIY Wix website, or polished Insta feed is not a sufficient replacement for a curated website that was created with your goals and audience in mind. We get it. Websites can become complicated quickly. You’ve got domains, SEO, templates, code, upkeep, and lots of random advice flying around. We are here to cut through the noise and set you up right. 

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Web design & advanced seo

  • Website audit & roadmap 
  • In-depth strategy with wireframes and a sitemap
  • Desktop design and development
  • Responsive mobile design and 
  • 6 custom pages 
  • Landing page for Instagram links
  • 404 and policy pages 
  • Tutorial vault with videos custom to your site
  • Social media and email integration
  • Advanced SEO booster with keyword research, page descriptions, titles and meta descriptions
  • Up To 2 Revisions
  • 14 days of assistance post-launch
  • 1 hour-long post-launch assistance call

what's included:

Every website we develop is built with independence front of mind. We want you to feel confident and in control of your new site which is why we provide you with a vault of 20+ how-to videos and designs that are easy to maintain. You will not be bound by costly upkeep retainers or complicated code. 

why you'll love it:


The 360 Brand is hands-down, the most comprehensive custom design package, created for online coaching business owners like YOU. 


Book your 1:1 Design Roadmap call with the owner, Lizzy. Select your date and get your 90-minute strategy over coffee chat scheduled. No questionnaires, long forms, or complicated onboarding process. 

Easy Booking 


After our 15-point brand strategy guide, we hold ourselves up in our creative cave with chocolate, a good cocktail, and our favorite playlist. Okay not really. But we do start crafting your brand elements (logos, fonts, colors...etc.) while your copy gets underway. 

Strategize & Design


We present you with a single, fully flushed-out logo concept and work in partnership with you to refine it. Soon after your copy will be ready to review and provide feedback on. Then we repeat the same process with web development and marketing. Present, refine, and approve.



We wrap up the project by celebrating with you on your launch date with social media shout-outs and a little gift in the mail! Oh, and a whoooole bunch of final deliverables in a zip file with how-to's.
Pop the champagne (or pull the tequila out of the freezer–whichever is your style) and let's clink to your success!


"The more I tried to improve my original site the more frustrated I felt. I lacked the knowledge! The moment I knew I never had to open Wix again was such a relief! Lizzy gave me so much time back in my days and so much energy in my brain!"

- Michelle from More than the Barbell

kind words

"Lizzy challenged me to dream bigger and now I'm obsessed with my brand and website and she saved me so much time to focus on clients."

"It was so obvious the moment we got on our first call. It just made so much sense hiring White Point Creative and I've never regretted it."

michelle's website makes her money while she sleeps

"From the first call Lizzy just got it. She got the vision and what I was trying to build. It made so much sense hiring her."

- Kathleen from Societe Salon

kathleen can focus on her passion and team


Reality: overanalyzing can stall the process and lead you to miss opportunities. 

Sure, you could price shop and find the cheapest designer, developer, marketing strategist, copywriter, and SEO guru and hire them individually. 

But take it from me–a sincere agency owner who has been in this industry for the last 8 years. If you were to hire the same caliber of professionals that I have assembled, individually, then your total price will increase by $7,000+ AND take 3x as long. 

Yup, you could painstakingly piece this process together over the course of multiple years. 

Budgets are a real thing and I truly respect that. The 360 Brand is for established businesses, already consistently hitting >$5K months, who are ready to go all in on a tried and true process so they can start hitting $10K, $20K, and even $50K months in profit. If you’re in a piecing-it-all-together phase of business, then The 360 Brand isn’t right for you and we highly recommend seeking the counsel of a business coach to better understand your best next move. Shoutout to our own business coach Laura. 

So your Canva-generated logo, Wix website, and template copy are good enough, but are they actually performing?

The “it works fine now, I’ll fix it when it’s broken” mindset is not sustainable or growth-focused and we aren’t interested in working with professionals who like to settle. There is a difference between functioning and performing. To function, it simply needs to work. To perform, it needs to outlast, over-deliver, and propel you forward in ways you didn’t think possible. Can you say your logo, website, marketing plan, copy, and SEO are ALL performing? Or just functioning? 


When you add it all up, it's a value of $19,720... but you can get it for $14,995

Let your brand, website & content work for you 24/7…so you don’t have to

You don’t know me (yet) but, I’m a very black-and-white truthful person. So save yourself the trouble, and hours of taking consult calls. Instead, trust me and my team’s collective 23+ years of experience when we say, you can save yourself over $7K by booking with us vs each of these packages individually. 

  • 15-Point Brand Strategy Audit created to instill confidence and intention
  • 1-Year Sustainable Marketing Blueprint made for maximum lead generation and coaching business growth
  • Custom Brand Design that makes you stand out from your competition and attract your dream customers
  • Custom Web Design developed for long-term ease and high conversions
  • Advanced SEO Booster to get you ranking and more eyeballs on your website
  • Custom Conversion Copy crafted with more pop and personality than a shook up Mt. Dew with the added bonus of being transformational

Payment plans as low as $3,624/month USD

One-time payment of $14,995 USD

Please note, to maintain a healthy work/life balance for agency team members. We book a limited number of 360 Brand clients each quarter and year. Spots typically book 1-4 months out.

"I was overwhelmed and frustrated by my lack of knowledge and skill. I knew if I wanted it done right, I couldn't do it myself. Handing off the design to Lizzy was the best decision I made."

"Lizzy blew me away! She truly listened to my vision and made it come to life beautifully."

-Shay from The Balanced Way Nutrition

shay launched a new program and course with all the time she saved

"I wanted an identity that was both authentic to myself, while also speaking directly to my audience's needs. Lizzy was amazing at guiding me through each stage of the process! She took the time to get to know me and it reflected in what she created!."

"I had a vision but no way of making it come to life. Now I have an identity I feel confident in and a concrete presence."

- Krista from Angela's Hope

krista is rapidly scaling her business while being a present mom of 2

"Lizzy actually listened to what I had in my mind and paid really great attention to detail. She was able to take the scattered parts I had in my head and make something beautiful with it."

"I didn't have the direction I needed. Lizzy had a great system setup which made it all painless for me."

-Miranda from Two Fish Co.


I'm obsessed with what I do

truth? I'm obsessed with what I do

We set out to do what other agencies should do: focus on sustainable strategies (that don’t fall apart in less than a month) and designs that support your long-term goals for your business. Design isn't just pretty colors and logos–it's the visual representation of your client's experience. We are focused on making your brand attract, inspire, and convert. 

I realized that business owners, like you, were spending months playing project manager and bouncing around multiple professionals to revamp their brand. I already had friends who were at the top of their industries. So we joined forces under the WPC name. 

girl, let’s be honest. Your ugly website, and thrown-together marketing plan is costing you money and memories.
It’s past time to book that vacation you’ve always dreamed of while 4x-ing your profit. 

I'm here as your #1 fan, built-in hype girl, and design expert on a mission to elevate your business. My team and I are ready to work with YOU.

When filling out our form on our contact page, you can provide us with your ideal launch date. All of our packages take a certain amount of time, and we are unable to provide rush jobs. We believe in providing our clients with the highest quality work we have to offer and we wouldn't dream of skimping any part of your project which is why we do not offer rush jobs.

What if I need my project completed in a hurry?

We sure do! Whether you haven't opened your doors or are a pillar in your community, we would love to chat about your project and see how we can come alongside you. 

Do you work with new business owners?

Ready to go for it? Wonderful! Head to our contact page and fill out our form and book a call with Lizzy. We book clients out months in advance so we encourage you to reach out whether you're ready or still have questions, so that you can reserve your spot with a simple downpayment. Don't worry if you don't have all of your ducks in a row, we will work with you on that. 

When should I contact you to book my project? 

Our packages are just a base for building your fully customized brand and web design. We have a list of a la carte options that allow you the ability to add items on that you might specifically need for their business. Book a consultation call to chat more about what options are available to you!

Can I customize your packages to my design needs?

Yes, we do! All clients can add on additional single items or separate packages (like copywriting) to their design package or can contact us at a later time to request a single brand design, page add-on to their website, or other needed material.

Do you offer a la carte services?

We've got you covered. We have a list of talented brand and product photographers that are available for our client's project. If you are in need of a photographer, we will gladly refer you to one of our industry contacts. 

What about photography?

book a call

Absolutely! Here at White Point Creative, we understand that your time and money is not endless and is highly valued. Brand and web design holds a great deal of power over the way your customer's view and interact with your business, services and products. A mark of a truly great brand, is how it visually represents itself. Do you want to be one of the greats? Then make the investment.

Custom design is a big expense—is it worth the investment?

During your onboarding with us you will receive access to a free online tool called Asana. In Asana you will find a rough project timeline as well as tasks for you to complete. You will have amble time and specific instructions to complete all the necessary tasks that we need for your project. Have a question on how to do something? Just write us a comment and we're there to help!

What do I need to prepare for my design project?

We want you to fall in love with your design and we understand sometimes that it takes tweaks to get there. For brand and website design experiences, you will have two complete rounds of revision cycles. Additional revision cycles are available if needed at an additional cost.

How many rounds of edits are included in custom designs?

Branding projects will take 4-6 weeks, and website projects will take 6-10 weeks. Clients that need both branding and a website design project can expect the duration of the project to last 12-16 weeks. Projects may be extended if additional brand materials or website pages are added.

How long can I expect my project to take?

The packages that you see on our services page are our base packages. From those, you have the ability to add-on other packages (such as copywriting or photography direction) as well as pieces like product packaging or merchandise design.

Do you offer smaller packages?

Of course! Your project includes a private Asana board where you get to view your project stepped out. You get to see us check things off the to-do list as we accomplish tasks. You always know what's happening. 

Will you guide me through the process?

book a call

Your final files will be delivered to you via a secure WeTransfer email. You will receive file types including PNG, JPG, PDF, SVG, and EPS. A brand style guide with font information and colors codes will also be provided including Hex, CMYK, RGB color codes. In addition, we will record a final brand walkthrough to present the files, provide insight into using your files, and answer any questions that you might have.

What file types are included in my brand package?

EPS and SVG files are provided to the you upon completion of your project. To edit files you will need Adobe Illustrator to open these file types. The files are editable in that the size or colors can be adjusted; however, the design will not be able to be adjusted. We do not allow clients to edit the designs (outside of color and size) unless a raw, original file is purchased separately.

Are the files that I receive editable?

All final files will be delivered to you directly through a secure WeTransfer email which will contain an online link that allows you to download all of your files. You will have a certain number of days to download your final files. In addition, we recommend saving your files to a USB or external hard drive for safe keeping. Purchased fonts are not included.

How will I receive my final files?

Indeed you do! You get a total of two rounds of revisions where you can request changes having to do with layout, colors, typography and more. The majority of our clients are happy with the first concept presented and usually only want a few tweaks after that.

Do I get revisions?

White Point Creative works off of a single logo concept; so you will be presented with a single concept inside of a fully loaded deck that includes mockups and example imagery. We believe in presenting our best first vs one great concept alongside two mediocre. Don't worry though, you have revisions if you want tweaks.

How many logos am I presented with?

book a call

After you’ve signed filled out a detailed questionnaire, we will chat with you about all items that are needed for your project. This may include, but is not limited to, login information, copywriting, images, and brand elements that we might need if you did not complete a branding experience with White Point Creative.

What should I provide before my website project?

You will be responsible for purchasing your domain and hosting package. We will discuss this further after the questionnaire and contract are approved, and additional guidance will be provided if you need assistance with purchasing your hosting package and domain.

Who purchases my hosting and domain?

We will build your website on a developing domain or White Point Creative ShowIt account, which allows you to see the entire website design in a live format. You are able to see the design throughout our development of the website; however, we only accept feedback after the design has been completed and presented to the you.

Can I access my website while it’s being built?

In every website package, we provide you with access to a custom recorded  teaching session for your website. However, if you would rather not worry about maintaining your website, we would love to continue working with you! At the end of the project, you will be provided with a maintenance form that you can complete and submit to us. If you do decide to maintain your website, you can still always come back to us for website changes or additions if ever needed.

Will I be able to manage my website after it’s complete?

Great question and the answer is: no. We first have you fill out a detailed questionnaire before we move into a process called wireframing. Think of this phase as the rebar to a cement sculpture–it's the internal structure for something beautiful. You will be asked to sign off on the wireframes before we move into the development phase.

Do you go straight to developing my site?

book a call

Most definitely! We work with many small business owners, and we understand that payment plans might work better for your budget, as a brand and website design is truly an investment. With this in mind, we offer different payment plan options that we can chat with you about further on your initial consultation.

Do you offer payment plans?

Although you are purchasing a design experience with us, this cost does not include the cost of hosting, custom email addresses, the domain, the website theme or template, paid fonts or photography. However, we will provide you with details on exactly what needs to be purchased for your project prior to your start date or during your design presentation.

What additional costs might come up?

Very simply! To reserve your spot on our calendar you will send us the first installment of your payment plan or 50% of the total cost (the rest of which will come due before we can hand over final files at the end). 

How do deposits work?

book a call

360 Brand clients are online coaching businesses that are ready for a fresh brand that consistently attracts and converts dream clients without the headache or hustle.

This is not for everyone

...we have a type


+ You are a seasoned business owner (usually 2+ years) 
+ Already consistently hitting $5K months
+ An online coach or service provider
+ Ready to elevate your brand to match the level of service you want to provide your dream clients
+ Tired of missing opportunities because your online presence isn’t representing you
+ Wanting to book higher-end clients and raise your prices
+ Ready to sit in the driver's seat of a well-oiled (and beautiful) business
+ A go-getter, dreamer, but most importantly action-taker
+ Tired of your bland brand that blends in
+ Ready to fully commit to the process and trust us as professionals 

book my 1:1 call

The only all-inclusive custom design package rebranding coaching  brands with branding, web design, SEO, copy, and a marketing blueprint in just 2 months. 

Give me two months, and I'll have you booking out your calendar while cutting back your working hours and sleeping in on mondays.