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The only website package delivering you fully custom Showit websites in 14 days

An unrivaled website you’ll be proud to show off, is within reach

14 Day Website

8.5 billion

Picture yourself booking dreamy clients, making your competition jealous, and capturing the attention of thousands of eyes - all while soaring miles high on your vacation to a tropical Maui paradise! It's possible, with our websites!

^^The amount of Google searches per day. Are you the top ranking result for your industry? 

book my 1:1 call to get started

You are ready to WOW your audience as the ultimate expert, radiate credibility and be known as THE perfect solution your dream clientele has been searching for!

1 AM Google benders, countless less-than-specific freebies, and amateur DIY designs

Lovely, your moment has arrived

are stalling your business

14 Day Websites is a proven 14-day custom website package built for online service providers ready to unlock their next level of business

Running an online business is challenging, but owning a website doesn’t have to be

We’re not your typical agency and this isn’t your typical custom website package (and we like it that way). 

You're a PERFECT fit

No stale templates

We start from scratch every single time (you won’t find this anywhere else in this timeline)

Done in 14 days

You could DIY a template that turns into a horror story or wake up on Friday to a tailor-made website ready for launch

Zero guesswork

We build based on statistics, heatmaps, analytics, and demographics

SEO implementation

Foundational SEO setup for Google success

Tear-free upkeep

Walk away with follow-along video tutorials and access to our 50+ WPC video tutorial vault

17+ years of experience

Our team is made up of the design industries most skilled and a keen eye for GIFs

First impressions of websites are 94% design related

As if the stakes weren’t already high, add in the fact that it only takes 0.05 seconds for visitors to form an opinion about your website. 

book my 1:1 call to get started

You'll walk away with: 

  • 60 minute 1:1 strategy call (zero questionnaires or homework)
  • 6 custom page designs 
  • Desktop & mobile optimization
  • 404 and links pages
  • Foundational SEO
  • 14 days of post-launch support
  • Installation of 3rd party services (Instagram, Flodesk, Typekit, Dubsado…etc.)
  • Domain connection
  • Follow-along video tutorials + access to WPC tutorial vault
  • Option to add-on copywriting

SOLD–get started now

Beat the business blues with an unparalleled website built for digital entrepreneurs in 14 days.

Sure, we could design it in less time with cheap shortcuts, been-there/unoriginal templates, and zero strategy and thought. But we would be wasting your money and our time. No thanks.

P.S. Did we mention a bonus?

At any point after your 14 Day Website launch, take your investment and apply it to our 360 Brand service. Roll over the money you’ve already spent and upgrade to our all-inclusive resort-style package that includes full custom branding, advanced SEO booster, conversion copywriting and 365 marketing blueprint. 

If updating your website is just one item on a growing list of things to do to refresh your brand, but you're on a budget, then you’re going to love this.

"The end result is something I am so proud to call my own."

“Lizzy helped me take the loose, fragmented ideas of a concept and turn it into a fully branded, beautiful reality. With her inspired design and creative insight she helped me define my business in an elegant, classy, and timeless fashion. White Point Creative have my highest recommendation to anyone looking to strongly establish their presence with a thoughtfully designed brand."
– Jessica from Foodie Frolic

streamlined & beautiful website refresh

"I was in need of someone experienced to help me convey our services in a simple, easy to read manner!"

"When I received the Wireframes...the layout was absolutely perfect on the first round! I LOVED working with Lizzy! She's super creative, helpful, communicates perfectly, and truly brought my vision to life!"
– Seth, Rhythm of Love

streamlined & beautiful website refresh

Don’t wait around. Move from stale to stellar in 14 days.


Book your 1:1 Design Roadmap call with the owner, Lizzy. Select your date and get your 60-minute strategy over coffee chat scheduled. No questionnaires, long forms, or complicated onboarding process. 

Easy Booking & Strategy


We will take everything we chatted about in our 1:1 call and hold ourselves up in our creative cave with chocolate while we create your wireframes and sitemap. You'll have a chance to provide feedback before we move into week 2.

Week 1: Strategy & Wireframes


It's time to build out your incredible site inside Showit! Just as before, you have up to 2 revisions to tweak what you see. We will polish everything up and have it ready for a splashy launch by Friday!

Week 2: Development & Launch

I hear you lovely

There are other ways to build your dream website, but here’s the catch

DIY is sounds cost effective until you realize the money and time you will inevitably waste over time. We’ve all heard analogies about how you’d rather pay a professional construction crew to build your house vs taking up Electrical For Dummies. 

You have better things to do than cry over Google searches about code, Pinterst feeds full of designs you don’t know how to execute, and back-end settings that could crash the site if setup wrong. 

There are plenty of studios and individuals out there boasting quick website turnaround times. We are all about community over competition but we also realize that those studios are using templates (that YOU pay for BTW), make you fill out questionnaires that take you HOURS of time you don’t have, and hold to a schedule that can only be held if corners are cut. 

The reality: 14 days of relaxing while we work, for a website that converts dream clients for years.

You could settle for a duct-tape VIP day website built off a been-there template, or collaborate with us to build you a fully custom high-converting website in 14 days, that will last you years to come. 


Quit losing clients to the competition in 14 days for $6,250 

Please note, to maintain a healthy work/life balance for agency team members. We book a limited number of 14 day website clients each quarter and year. Spots fill up quickly!

Payment plans starting as low as $1,916/month

One-time payment of $6,250 

60 minute 1:1 strategy call (zero questionnaires or homework)
6 custom page designs 
Desktop & mobile optimization
404 and links pages
Foundational SEO
Installation of 3rd party services (Instagram, Flodesk, Typekit, Dubsado, Honeybook…etc.)
Domain connection
Follow-along video tutorials + access to WPC tutorial vault
14 days of post-launch support
Optional copywriting add-on

14-Day Website Projects

I'm obsessed with what I do

truth? I'm obsessed with what I do

We set out to do what other agencies should do: focus on sustainable strategies (that don’t fall apart in less than a month) and designs that support your long-term goals for your business. Design isn't just pretty colors and logos–it's the visual representation of your client's experience. We are focused on making your brand attract, inspire, and convert. 

I realized that business owners, like you, were spending months playing project manager and bouncing around multiple professionals to revamp their brand. I already had friends who were at the top of their industries. So we joined forces under the WPC name. 

girl, let’s be honest. Your ugly website, and thrown-together marketing plan is costing you money and memories.
It’s past time to book that vacation you’ve always dreamed of while 4x-ing your profit. 

I'm here as your #1 fan, built-in hype girl, and design expert on a mission to elevate your business. My team and I are ready to work with YOU.


more questions

What if I don’t have professional copy, do I have to hire a copywriter? 

You do not! Though we recommend employing a copy wizard we understand that budgets are a real thing. If you’re dreaming bigger than just a website then we suggest taking advantage of our 360 Brand service linked here. It includes custom branding, custom web design (exactly same as 14 Day Website), conversion copywriting, SEO booster, and a 365 marketing blueprint.

I am not techy, how do I keep my site up to date without spending a fortune? 

We believe in website autonomy so we provide you with custom-to-your-site videos you can follow along to, for basic website updates. You will also receive access to our 50+ video vault. If you feel comfortable throwing together an Instagram carousel in Canva then you’ll have no problem in Showit. 

What if I don’t like what you present to me?

We understand there is room for interpretation in the creative process which is why we opt for a 1:1 strategy call over an impersonal questionnaire. We have also built-in up to 2 rounds of revisions during development for you to voice your thoughts. 

How many rounds of edits are included in  the package?

We want you to fall in love with your design and we understand sometimes that it takes tweaks to get there. You will have two complete rounds of revision cycles. Additional revision cycles are available if needed at an additional cost.

Do you go straight to developing my site?

Great question and the answer is: no. We first have you fill out a detailed questionnaire before we move into a process called wireframing. Think of this phase as the rebar to a cement sculpture–it's the internal structure for something beautiful. You will be asked to sign off on the wireframes before we move into the development phase.

How do deposits work?

Very simply! To reserve your spot on our calendar you will send us $500 which is nonrefundable. The first installment of your payment plan is due the week of your 1:1 strategy call kicking off the start of your project.