Imagine finding your big sister in business who spills all the tea and can’t wait to help you find your business secret sauce inside a supportive 4-month mentorship. 

How to finally lead a creative business with seamless tech, consistent clients, offers that set you apart, and a roadmap for the next year!

all in 4 months

A creative business that fuels your passion for your art, fills your bank account, AND supports your life outside of the office, is finally within reach. 


You’ve tried courses. You’ve tried podcasts. You’ve tried summits. 

So why don’t they work? 

Everyone on Instagram is thriving. You feel lapped by your peers and you're tired of feeling discouraged in business.

I get it. I was there 3 years ago. 

I distinctly remember waking up with the weight of:

  • Barely paying the bills with scraps being saved up for travel, muchless retirement 
  • Feeling like I offer what every other stock designer does and the sting of being passed up for my competition yet again
  • Having to say ‘not this time’ to 90% of my friends invites out to dinner or travel
  • Loathing the Facebook post comments rat race to land a $500 job
  • The constant question of “what’s not f* working?!” in my head 24/7
  • Wanting to move to the next phase of my life (buy a house, get a dog, start a family) but not feeling stable enough

The one that stung the most? When I doubted my own talent and ability to run a business. Those were the days that brought tears to my eyes. 

Do any of these sound familiar? Yeah, I bet they do. 

So how did I get out? What finally stopped the cycle for me? Well lovely, let me tell you.

A creative mentor. 

Which is why I am opening up my own creative mentorship program to help other designers, copywriters, and photographers

break their own cycles and step into their own epic entrepreneurial season. 

The space where there are no dumb questions and everything is relevant

Introducing the Magnetic Mentorship for Creatives

A 4-month creative mentorship program with a unique blend of 1:1 sessions, group sessions, themed months, office hours, and tailored guidance. 

*Cue the red carpet roll out & confetti bomb*

Minimal restriction, maximum ROI for the ambitious creative ready for their next epic entrepreneurial era that feels sustainable and fun! 

❌ Early on I realized that no single course, summit, or download could ever cover all those stray questions that randomly pop up in the day to day operations of a business. They also wouldn't be tailored to you personally (your goals, your struggles and your business). 

✅ Magnetic Mentorship is the perfect blended outlet with themed months to keep us focused on the 4 pillars of your business (read below). While also providing you with the bandwidth to steer 1:1 sessions and ask you-specific questions. 

Outsmart the creative hustle with my 16-week mentorship for creatives, stacked with exclusive content, never-before-seen swipe files, and complete access to White Point Creative founder, Lizzy. 

  • 10+ swipe files 
  • Roadmap worksheet
  • Mentorship framework workbook
  • 4 private 1:1 recorded sessions with Lizzy
  • 4 recorded group sessions 
  • Weekly office hours
  • Implementation weeks 
  • Dashboard with goal tracking
  • Themed months to guide us through your business’ 4 pillars

4 payments of $635 


Only 5 spots available

16 weeks of uplifting and inspiring step-by-step 1:1 and group sessions to create stability, scalability, and seamlessness in your creative business.

Quit the guess-work and stress scrolling, and step into a business you’re obsessed with.

During our 16 weeks together we will have monthly themes that will guide our time together. We’ve boiled down a creative business to 4 important pillars and we will spend a month on each. 

month 1


How to budget with ease

Where are you doubling up so where can we cut costs?

How to even out your income and create stability

How to automate your workflows and save hours

Favorite tech platforms that I use and ones I stay away from

month 2

Offers & Marketing

How to stand out in the market

Position your value in your marketing and on sales calls

How to know what your next right marketing venture is

How to price yourself with confidence

Building irresistible offers that stops you from getting price shopped

Money mind-set

month 3


How to create a swoon-worthy client experience they’ll never forget

How to tackle common client sticky situations

How to under promise and over deliver for 5 star reviews every time

Who is your niche & how to niche & should you niche

How to make the client experience feel smoother

month 4


Determine your next right move for your business

Stepping out each quarter with specific benchmarks to work toward

Monthly, quarterly, yearly goals and visions

How to scale with clear steps

When to hire and how to find the right fit


View my list of example topics:


by the

is the number of mentees I take each round


chances my dogs will guest appear on calls


is what my last mentee did to her income


effort is being put in by myself to support you in your journey


I'll be asking

You could buy that summit ticket for $79 



All to spend $2,471 + countless dead-end hours

opinion on what


want to learn.

(you’ll never actually watch the recordings for)

The alternative is...

That course that promises 10K months for $667
(you’ll only get 42% of the way through it)
A bundle of downloads for $415
(that will collect digital dust in a folder somewhere) 
Don’t forget that other masterclass you saw via an Insta ad for $95
(it was 11PM and you don’t even know where the email went)

We can’t forget the other course you bought for $1,215
(why did your friend like it so much? You couldn’t get through it…)
Oh! And spend ENDLESS hours scrolling through blog posts, watching videos, and listening to podcasts that don’t get to the heart of your problem. 


You could apply for the Magnetic Mentorship for Creatives for the same price and receive: 
  • 4 you-focused 1:1 sessions with your creative big sister
  • A collaborative Slack channel
  • Weekly office hours where you can seek quick-fire advice
  • Peer support in an otherwise isolated journey of business growth 
  • Collective success with fellow creatives as your personal hype-women
  • Swipe files and other goodies you won’t find anywhere else

Your business is ​​one-of-a-kind, so why have you been following generic advice up ‘till now?

This isn’t like any other program you’ve seen or been a part of. 


We are modern women breaking the entrepreneurship glass ceiling with peer support and 1:1 business growth work that transforms the often isolated journey of business growth into a shared experience of collective success. 
Tailored 1:1 Guidance
No more one-size-fits-all advice. Get ready for custom strategies that match your unique business – because you deserve it!
Empowering Resources
Access over 10 swipe files, a framework workbook, and a private dashboard. These tools will propel you towards success with a clear roadmap.
Monthly Sessions
Dive deep into different themes crucial to creative businesses with dedicated 1:1 time and group sessions for shared learning.
Community Collaboration
Join our collaborative channel for weekly office hours and peer support. With the option to continue on beyond the program's timeline!
Strategic Business Building
Say goodbye to tech woes and hello to seamless backend processes. Elevate your client experience and boost profitability with practical and sustainable guidance.
Transformational Marketing
Discover marketing strategies designed with your authenticity in mind. Attract more clients, perfect your sales pitch, and create a brand voice that resonates.

Client Application

We are excited to see if you are a good fit for working with us to create an in-demand, streamlined design business. By applying you are indicating your ability to commit financially, emotionally, and time-wise to the program.