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freelancing was the answer

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 I started out a lot like you, I was dissatisfied with my career options and I just knew that there had to be something better than a 30K salary working a creative-less job.
Freelancing was my way of exploring the creative world around me after college. It allowed me to work at luxury agencies, major in-house brands like Converse, Keds, and Saucony. Tech firms that required a palm print to use the elevator, and boutique studios. 

i landed dream jobs at major brands

cultivated a diverse & flourishing portfolio

gained INVALUABLE skills i use every day

what we will cover


Learn how to confidently answer questions like, “Are you available to take on a 30 hour project in a month?” As well as juggle multiple projects without over-working.


A topic that makes so many creatives suddenly go blank in the mind and sweaty in the palms. Pause and sweat no more after today’s workshop.


We will be answering all of your questions regarding how to show off your work, professionally organize it on a website, and round it out even if you’re just getting started.

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